Photo credit: Michael Bell

Photo credit: Michael Bell


Dave Oswald Mitchell is a freelance editor, researcher, and communications strategist whose work focuses on supporting social-change and community-organizing initiatives. He edited Briarpatch Magazine from 2005 to 2010 and currently serves as the Editorial Director of Beautiful Trouble. His interests include found haiku, photography, and going elsewhere.

TED talk

In his TEDx talk, "The Grammar of Social Change," Dave presents the central idea of the Beautiful Trouble project. He deconstructs activism into its fundamental components, revealing it as a technique to open up a world of possibilities in the pursuit of social change.

Longer bio (for those who aren't into the whole brevity thing). 

Dave Oswald Mitchell is a freelance editor, researcher, and communications strategist who likes to call Regina home for about half the year. The rest of the year he'd prefer to call other places home, and sometimes does.

Dave has been active in social movements and political campaigns for over 15 years. He currently serves as Editorial Director for Beautiful Trouble and Beautiful Rising, among other gigs.

Dave holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English literature from the University of Saskatchewan and Dalhousie University respectively. He received the Copland Prize for most outstanding graduate in the humanities from the University of Saskatchewan and the Faculty Award for most outstanding graduate from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie. After completing grad school, he spent two years doing solidarity work with migrant farm workers in southern Ontario before returning to Saskatchewan in 2005 to edit Briarpatch Magazine.

Since leaving Briarpatch after a rip-roaring five-year tenure as Editor, he has house-sat, couch-surfed and coffeeshop-squatted his way through eight countries and several states of consciousness while working on a vertigo-inducing variety of projects.