Global Hive

The Global Hive Toolkit is designed to assist the efforts of public engagement practitioners working on issues of global citizenship: NGO staff, volunteers, international development workers, teachers, youth, campaigners, activists, artists, policy makers – in short, everyone who works to engage others on global issues.

I served as the Global Hive's Content Manager, compiling and editing materials from seven knowledge hubs and overseeing the online toolkit's design and development:

"Our amazing Content Manager, Dave Mitchell, took an immense amount of content from multiple sources and envisioned a way to make it fluid, organized and elegant while fostering collaboration throughout this process. We could not have found a better person to lead us through this project and we are immensely grateful." (Acknowledgements.


The Global Hive public engagement toolkit for global citizenship brings together best practices from practitioners and experts in seven thematic areas. The material is presented in a range of formats – from powerful case studies, to comprehensive tools, to checklists. The toolkit offers a range of practical and reflective tools for public engagement practitioners.

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